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BitQT Review

Trading cryptocurrencies have been profitable for traders around the globe. Experienced traders prefer manual trading as they have more confidence and experience so they can spot the trading opportunities without any assistance. But there is something else out there that helps traders catching trades easier and more efficiently – trading bots.

Trading bots or differently known as the automated trading software, basically work on their own. They do everything a trader could do manually and more, but way faster, thus saving one’s time. Throughout the not too long history of cryptocurrencies, many trading bots have emerged. But some of them have turned out to be scams ripping people off.

We tested the BitQT trading app, and we will elaborate more on what we found out about it below.

What is BitQT?

BitQT is a trading bot that uses the latest automated trading technology. With more than 80,357 active users in 120 countries around the globe, BitQT is one of the most prestigious trading apps out there. The algorithms that BitQT uses will help you find the best trades without needing skills or knowledge. Basically, the BitQT app does the job on its own.

Start Trading With BitQT App For Free

Key Benefits of BitQT

If you have been thinking to start trading cryptocurrencies but never really got into it, you should definitely give BitQT a try. Here are some of the benefits that the app has:

  • Use it on the go – You can use the app anywhere you are since it can be used on the smartphone also. You can check the charts and everything necessary all on your smartphone screen.
  • Instant withdrawal – You can withdraw your money anytime you want instantly, without any fees or hidden charges.
  • Demo account – BitQT has a demo account, so novice traders can use it until they get comfortable with the app, without risking anything.
  • $1,267 potential payout – Once you set everything up and you are ready to go there is a potential to make more than $1000 a day trading with BitQT.
  • Accurate predictions – BitQT makes accurate cryptocurrency price predictions based upon which it makes the trade placing decisions.
  • Free Coaching – BitQT supports the users of the platform not only through their customer service department but also it helps them on their trading journey with advice from experts. Anything you can be concerned about, you can just ask, and they will figure it out for you.
  • High Security – BitQT is entirely secure since it uses the most sophisticated web-trader platform.

You can also check the Bitqt Crunchbase account.

Bitqt: Scam or Not?

The BitQT App seemed accurate from our independent review.

Reportedly, the Bitqt is supported by AI and also blockchain technologies. Since the AI essentially guarantees high and also consistent output, accountability is brought about by blockchain. Bitqt is a transparent platform as through it’s smart contract service, users can monitor their accounts in real-time. Additionally, Bitqt has launched all the important info on it’s web site. Which requires the authenticity of its partner brokers. It’s always necessary to devote some consideration to the core brokers when choosing a robot. It’s possible for an automatic robot to be a scam where it collaborates with fake offshore brokers.

On Bitqt, the partnered brokers that we’ve done a security check with, are reliable and also authentic. They all claim adherence with strict legal standards, such as segregation of deposits, financing, and also periodic external audits. Which means that all transactions through this bot are secured. If you go for Bitqt premium, then it applies military-grade safety measures to protect with regard to the system’s confidentiality. This includes encryption of 128-bit keys and also security of databases via SiteLock. The strict EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is also suitable for Bitqt.

The user reports also show that this App tends to be reliable. With Bitqt, 95% of reviewers record favourable impressions.

How Does BitQT Works?

It is free to use BitQT App software, but you must create an account first. Though we checked into it, we don’t know how the founders make money with this system.

We think that they earn money from the brokers based on how many trades are completed. However, we are 100 percent sure that they don’t charge the members anything.

You, as the trader, have to deposit a small amount ($250) once you’ve set up your account and are ready to trade. You get paired with a broker on the platform. This person handles the transaction, and then you trade through them and see if you win. Each trade can take about 20 minutes, but it is all automated. This means you don’t have to talk to the broker, and the platform uses your set parameters to make the trades for you.

How to Set Up the Account

Your first step is to create your account directly on the website.

You don’t have to provide a lot of information, but you do need a valid email address and cell phone number. A password is required, but the system can generate one for you.

Now, check your email to get a confirmation.

There’s a link inside the email, which you click on to verify your identity and go to the website. Use the email as your user ID and enter the password you created or had generated. From then until now, you aren’t required to pay anything or input a credit/debit card number.

You can spend as much time on the platform as needed to get familiar with it.

Once that happens, you can put the minimum amount ($250) in your account. This is the smallest amount allowed, but you can add more. It’s recommended that you don’t, but this is your choice. Remember, you can always reinvest your earnings.

Of course, when you are ready to trade, you click the trade button.

Consider checking the various parameters. They’re set to the default, which is what we recommend you leave them at, but this is your choice. As you get more familiar with online trading, you can change it to see what outcomes you see.


Some of the Best Features for BitQT

You’re going to experience some amazing features with BitQT App that aren’t available from other auto-trading software options.

  1. Brokers
  2. Payouts
  3. Verification
  4. Fees
  5. Withdrawals
  6. Support
  7. Testimonials


Many people ask whether BitQT is legit or not. As far as our review is concerned, our team was very satisfied. We confidently recommend it. Those desiring to earn passive income, must get this robot. This was one of the best experiences we observed while checking the automatic trading platform.

BITQT obviously works. Each feature mentioned above was tested by our experts including its live trading demo. It has a very easy user interface, indeed a very supportive one. System is very simple to understand and self-explanatory. Your time saves, your energy saves and you get mentally relaxed while earning good profits. If you have any concerns about its registration, note that it is registered.

All in the end can be concluded in a nutshell by saying that we found this trading bot to be an easy and effective way of getting rich.



Our team used analytical tools for determining the success rate of this auto-trader. Results showed a very high transaction success rate.


We found no such proof. However, this statement is present on their website.


The answer is NO. Earnings are converted to the local currencies and then sent to respective banks.


Yes. Communications & data sent on this platform are encrypted and secured.


Anyone, literally anyone. There are no restrictions. No special experience requirement is there. No extra knowledge is needed. All such work is done by the trading bots.


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