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The farmers and the farming systems of India have been exposed to newer challenges and competitions with globalization of agriculture. Strategies are devised and actions are being taken to provide a significant identity to our farmers in this new-age agriculture. The company devotes to help achieve a paradigm shift in agri-sector in the North Eastern region of the country especially in the field of spices, medicinal and aromatic plants. We have developed a road map for redesigning the agricultural production system of this part of India paying due considerations to principles of natural resource management and social justice while striving for qualitative output. Farmers traditionally rely on natural sources of fertilizers and chemicals. Once, this was considered as weakness of our region during the age of chemicals and inorganic fertilizers. With the growing concern for the chemicals and pesticides, the situation has now changed and the weakness has turned into our strength. Our objective is to capitalize this opportunity, introduce this concept and redesign the agriculture system in the region as per the global need and present the world our unique products cultivated in a nature-friendly environment. We are devoting to bring to forefront some excellent and unique products of our region.
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